Malta is a small island nation which is an inevitable part of the European Union. The country off late has been a favourite among foreign investors who see it as an opportunity to invest in multiple kinds of business. There are various industries that are striving in the country and due to its economic factor, the chances of more businesses flourishing can be foreseen. Data Tech corporation is an ideal business support organisation that provides ample resources and support to new developing business entrepreneurs from across the globe toe stablish their foothold in Malta, Libya and around.

Company Formation in Malta

Malta is an ideal place to establish a new business set up. Data Tech offers tailor made solutions and there are numerous packages for start ups as well. Why choose Malta for company establishment or formation? The reasons are numerous. Malta has very dynamic and competitive taxations system that immensely benefits tax payers especially foreigners. The extensive network of double taxation agreements and fast incorporation process benefits new investors commendably. There are strict rules for new business incorporation which are blindly followed by one and all, hence authenticity and credibility is guaranteed.

Malta Incorporation Process in Brief

The major benefit of establishment in Malta is that you need not be present physically to set up a business rather the entire process can be efficiently handled by a remote team in online manner. You just need to brief the team regarding company details and process, so that the requirements are met with proper authorisation. Authorisation Management in Malta is efficiently handled by the experts at Data Tech who understands the wide range of requirements by different clients. The required details include the capital or investment for the company, details of the shareholders with complete address of each of them, address and details of the company in Malta among others. All the new businesses are legally incorporated under Malta Companies Act 1995. You can be the oner of a private limited liability company or a public limited liability company, our team will ensure to provide you all kinds of support required for business establishment. As per the rule, private establishments name must end with Ltd. while for public ones it is plc at the end. Taxation, infrastructure, IT, finance and even help with opening a suitable bank account in Malta- we cover everything in detail and with ease.

Data Tech- About us and our services The company is a Maltese technology firm with head office in Malta and operating offices in India and Libya. Been in the industry since last 17 years, the team is highly efficient and professional in offering range of services to diverse clients. The company is ISO certified and legal for its services. The range of services here includes the likes of:

• Solutions by Data Tech

• Implementation Consultancy

• Implementation Consultancy based on Enterprise products

• Technical Infrastructure Services

• Implementation

All these services are implemented based on a brief provided by the client. We strive for excellence and quality service hence try our level best to meet all kinds of requirements of the clients.