You have taken the decision, what next?  How do I get my team on board?  How do I transform my company?  What are the tools I need to learn or use to make this a successful project?

All these questions and many others are answered when we come on board. With over 15 years of experience in the consulting business we provide you peace of mind and guaranteed return on investment.

Complete Cycle Implementation based on proven SAP Methodologies
All our consultants follow SAP proven SAP implementation methodology ASAP or Activate. SAP Activate is based on Scrum and Agile and is the latest edition of SAP proven implementation framework. Activate is a generic implementation approach and therefore can be used for all SAP products. Developed through years and thousands of implementation cycles, Activate bring together technology, experience and simplicity for a guaranteed successful project .

Project Management Office
Simple topics that should be monitored are key to successful projects: Planning, Migration, Testing, Training. DataTech assigns qualified and experienced SAP Project Managers for all its projects. These project managers act as the catalyst between the client and DataTech bringing technical and business goals together as one.

Reboot of a dead Project or incomplete Projects

Failed projects can be nasty, such stories linger on in organisations for years, giving bad reputation on everyone involved. The reasons are many and that is our job to find out really what happened. Get in touch with us to learn how we can turn things around quickly and easily. Speak directly to our expert consulting team about your project.

Migration and Upgrades of Outdated Legacy Systems
Delaying that upgrade year after year has suddenly catch up? Are you not able to delay any further and are now in a jam how to go about it. We have helped several clients upgrade legacy SAP systems or migrate from legacy technology. Speak directly to our expert consulting team about your needs

Data Recovery for Data Warehousing or Historical Reporting Requirements
One of the most common requirements by clients during SAP implementations is how to get the old transactional data available for access. We have built a simple and non-expensive framework approach. The approach we have is to comply with legal and strategic company requirements and provide a reporting platform or data warehouse that is compliant and compatible with your current business platform. By combining different technologies we are able to simplify the final product for the client. Speak directly to our expert consulting team about your needs.

Outsourcing and Teaming of our Consultants
Do you require an additional resource or expertise in your team? We can work along side your team and support in various areas of functional, technical and managerial disciplines. Speak directly to our expert consulting team about your needs.