Malta has the potential and environment for every kind of business to flourish. This is the reason why the number of foreign investors in the country has been constantly increasing over the past few years. But establishing a new business is not as easy as it sounds, you need appropriate source to assist at every stage of establishment. Even in the home country, proper conceptualization and appropriate marketing strategies are required to get a business established. This task is even more tedious and time consuming for a foreign and competitive country. Malta is a small island nation which is the youngest member of the European Union.

Complete digital transformation for your business

Data Tech is a renowned name in Malta when it comes to successful business inception. They provide total assistance to a new venture, right from its paperwork to its digitalisation to marketing. Time have changed, so are the concepts of the consumers. Everything is getting digitalised, so are every business. As a company, Data Tech offers complete Digital Transformation in Malta for your business. Digital Transformations strategy is planned based on various criteria’s and these are steps towards making a company to have a digital presence. Some of the must have components of digital transformation includes the following:

• Appropriate Data Centre Services

• Process optimization

• Updated technologies

• Well planned and researched team

• Result oriented strategies

Ultimately, a business is established to meet client needs and to enhance productivity, so the steps in digital transformation should focus on the ultimate goal. You can implement the latest cloud distributed technologies to your business which will help in accumulation of data and information at the time of need. The company is an SAP value added reseller that supports clients by identifying the best fitted enterprise management system. The team is efficient and experienced enough to provide a range of digital services to diverse business areas like sales and distribution, inventory and warehouse, procurement, business planning and consolidation among others.

Payroll Management

Payroll is a link between staff and the management. It is not a core business component but any difference in the same can lead to total malfunctioning of the company as well as lower enthusiasm among employees. Data Tech services take care of tat aspect and ensures that everyone gets what they actually deserve on time. Payroll for Malta becomes even more difficult to handle when it is outsourced. The solution and management system at Data Tech ensures faster processing of the payroll adhering to updated rules and regulations. The system takes care of every single payroll process that includes:

• Establishing a corporate payroll policy within the organisation

• Validating the information collected from all employees

• Calculate the payroll on the basis of net salary and other deductions, if any

• Every other employee should adhere to the rules and regulations of the organisation and submit the required set of documents before payroll processing

• Accounting all organisational transactions

• Paying the employees

Digital transformation is not limited to payroll system management but it is one of the important functionalities of the system. Being digital means that every other process is digital and the task becomes easier for an individual.