Join and become part of a growing talent team. Working with DataTech is a very rewarding experience. Our employees get to participate in the evolvement of the company. Sharing your ideas and being recognised is in our nature. Work can also be fun, with more than 15 social events annually, we make sure our employees are provided a well-balanced quality work life. There is also space to discuss and arrange flexibility in your work schedule to fit your studies, family and personal life. At DataTech we look at the big picture and make sure that every project we take on makes a difference. If you want to be part of something better, be part of DataTech.

Career Development in DataTech
In DataTech we consider your current level and place you on a fast track development path. It all depends on your goals, some of our members have moved through all the ranks within our company structure and today occupy very important positions, others prefer to remain focused on their specialisation.