Infrastructure Design, Installation & Support
We have completed numerous network installations in factories, public and private buildings. Our latest project was a 15th Century Palazzo in the city. Trust our installers to provide you peace of mind on your low voltage wired and wireless installations. Speak to us today for further information on how we can support you.

Systems Support

Technology is becoming simpler and yet gadgets are becoming more complex. Our preference is to convince you to go Cloud, but if you have to operate systems in house, our team is ready to support you. Whether its Windows based or Linux we can provide 360 support. Furthermore, our staff are trained mobile technical support technicians and have vast experience in handling various mobile platforms. So no fixed or mobile device is ever too complicated for them.

Desktop Equipment Support

We are directly in contact with leading local workshops and channel partners to provide you one stop shop for all your equipment repairs. We take the complexity of dealing with technical staff away and can also provide replacement equipment while you equipment is being repaired.