SAP Business One is an enterprise management tool designed to streamline the flow and storing of information across businesses of all scales. It integrates the operational and financial processes of businesses in a single software system with a cost-effective approach. It lets you manage and coordinate customer relationship management, sales, purchases and procurement, finance and business intelligence reporting.

Industry Functionality
SAP Business One consists of extensive functionality based on industry standards and practices.  It not only automates functionality of large or medium sized businesses, but it also enables small businesses to leverage their resource allocation and management. You can choose the tools specific for your functional area and industry operations such as consumer products, wholesale distribution, machinery and components, retail and professional services.

Sized to your needs
For small and medium-sized businesses, accounting and financial management can be automated within no time, without the need of recruiting any resource to handle the financial matters. It ensures that no errors occur, information is readily available based on metrics identified on a prior basis, and scales and margins are improved.

Out of the box module functionality
- Accounting and financial management
- Customer relationship management (CRM)
- Warehouse and production management
- Purchasing and procurement
- Sales and Distribution
- Servicing and Contracting
- Project Management
- Limited Human Resources
- Reporting and analytics
- Integration solutions

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