When I joined DataTech in late 2012 as CEO, I immediately sought out to chang ethe way we worked. the operation at the time was completely abroad and that meant that staff had to work in a different calendar to meet the customer expectations. I started to notice that the work life balance was intrinsicly connected, and no matter what happened the mood of workers was effected by the environment they were working in. Inevitably traditional relationship barriers between manager and employee went away, because we were spending so much time together , so rather than move cautiously, I took an opportunity to test this team setup relationship and sought to take advantage of the situation. 

Inevitably when we returned to the office, one coud immediately see the changes. I was spending more times with my colleagues and less time with the staff, and the staff were spending less time with each other. The office environment immediately makes it challenging, the setup, furniture, meetings, schedules, different routines, different agendas it all builds layer on layer of cusltural and social traditions and expectations. Eventually what started as an unknown became more transparent to me, so I continued to push with innovative approaches to our  working structures. Little did we know then that one day in the future this way of working would serve as an invaluable adaptation and neccesity. 

Each year we continue to break down barriers by rolling out new HR procedures, not the easiest thing to do as everyone is always cautious or suspicious about change. We removed legacy HCM IT barriers by implmenting latest HR systems, that fueled employee / company / customer relationships.  It is no surprise that today we engage with staff from many corners of the world. We have fulltime, part time, contractors, whatever works. We do not think about distance or lack of human contact, in fact our staff miss nothing of being in the office. For us working remotely, adopting a flexible time environment, communicating electronically and even socialising on a virtual platform is normal.  

At DataTech, we embrace a future that is more than just home or remote teleworking as an alternative means to traditional office mode, we see that remote working is a must and should be adopted by everyone that is able operate in this manner. Remote working has several benefits that contribute towards personal quality time, personal life balance, the environment directly and indirectly, the client and the bottom line. It’s a win for everyone.