Data Centre Services

Hosted Systems

You can choose to place your data processing equipment in our data centre for a temporary or permanent time. We offer flexible bundles to support your ongoing digital transformation strategy. Our data centre is well equipped with up to date redundancy and security monitoring equipment.  Speak to us

Disaster Recovery Options
We can provide space and management services for your online, offline or archive data systems in case of disaster recovery. Count on our technical team who can assist in monitoring the data validity and support in recovery exercises.

Remote Backup Services
Simply placing your NAS in our data centre can mean the difference to your data recovery options. Our data centre environment is the right option to place your off-site backups.

Onsite and Offsite Support Services

Infrastructure Design. Installation & Support

We have completed numerous network installations in factories, public and private buildings. Our latest project was a 15th Century Palazzo in the city. Trust our installers to provide you peace of mind on your low voltage wired and wireless installations. Speak to us today for further information on how we can support you.

System Support

Technology is becoming simpler and yet gadgets are becoming more complex. Our preference is to convince you to go Cloud, but if you have to operate systems in house, our team is ready to support you. Whether its Windows based or Linux we can provide 360 support. Furthermore, our staff are trained mobile technical support technicians and have vast experience in handling various mobile platforms. So no fixed or mobile device is ever too complicated for them.

Desktop Equipment Support

We are directly in contact with leading local workshops and channel partners to provide you one stop shop for all your equipment repairs. We take the complexity of dealing with technical staff away and can also provide replacement equipment while you equipment is being repaired. 

Technology Consultancy and Liaison

Tender Preparations

Building the right design, liaison with different internal teams and bringing all this into one document can be quite challenging. Getting the right technical, commercial and legal wording aligned with the right balance is essential for a successful award and implementation. It all starts from have a cohesive tender document.

Technical Management Consultancy

Valuation of IT Assets, Policies and procedures related to technology, design blue prints for technology-based projects and general management consultancy on technology related subjects is our forte. With a vast portfolio of local and international customers, you can rest assured that our management consultancy is targeted to your needs.

Risk and Data Protection Management Systems

DataTech commenced operations as a risk management consulting company. Through the years of services, we have enhanced and diversified our portfolio of services to remain close to our clients. The GDPR has brought with it renewed worries and concerns to all organisations who manage and process data. Speak to us how we can support you overcome and remain compliant.