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About DataTech

DataTech is a technology firm dedicated to providing solutions that enable its clients digitally transform their operations. Present and operating in several countries, DataTech through its member firms is also an SAP partner and specialises in SAP business technology and applications in many projects it takes onboard.
DataTech has built a reputation internationally over the last 17 years serving some of the most demand driven industries.
DataTech strength is its staff, methodologies and continuous client trust. Our focus remains well balanced between our achievement and our goals to become leaders in the SAP technology enabled consulting market.


Current Projects


Vodafone Malta entrusted DataTech with the upgrading and integration of various modules for SAP Business One. Given that this is by far the largest implementation in the region, DataTech was honoured to be entrusted with these works. DataTech was also entrusted to provide consultancy into the technology to run the new SAP Business One version. 


In parallel to this massive project, DataTech is also developing several modules in SAP Business one for the client. 




Central Bank of Libya prepare to go live on SAP S4HANA. The implementation of SAP S4HANa was entrusted to DataTech in late 2018. the implementation of SAP HCM modules and collaboration tools including Payroll was a major milestone of achievement for CBL. Thus entrusting us with such a prestigious project was an honour. Since 2018, DataTech has worked relentlessly on the implementation of all HCM modules. With a user base exceeding 500, this is a massive undertaking of Change management and therefore both sides agreed to continuously allow ample time for all participants to feel comfortable with the project.  

GO LIVE 01/09/2020 (COMMENCED)

Oil and Gas

Wintershall AG later on Sarir Oil Operaitons BV has entrusted DataTech Consulting Limited with a prestigous contract to migrate one of its SAP landscape operations to a seperate platfrom. The projects involves the analysis, migration, development and implementation of several SAP ERP modules, 3rd party integration products and inhouse developments. The award of the contract followed a rigorous selection and analysis process that spanned over 9 months of discussion in Wintershall Headquarters in Kassel, Germany. 

Through this project, DataTech will also be hosting the new SAP Landscape in its own data centre and provide cloud operations to Sarir Oil Operation BV end-users. The project is considered to be the first of many project yet to be executed between both companies. 




Success Factors

Vistajet Limited have entrusted the implementation of a number of SAP SF modules to DataTech Consulting Limited. DataTech Consulting an enabled SAP SF implementaiton partner with outsourced SF consultancy to AMS Cyprus. The implementation of SAP SF is an important milestone for both companies as it launches a new dawn for HCM operations. DataTech Consulting has long been a trusted SAP implementor with Vistajet Limited. The project scope was to replaces a number of components in SAP ERP making use of the laetst HCM technologies that SAP SF offers. DataTech also were entrusted with the technical integration of the systems including the retention and integration of the SAP HCM payroll for Malta. 






LPTIC Holding in Libya ramp up for GO Live on S4HANA. The main phase of the program of works was completed in 10 months despite ongoing security and covid-19 complications faced.  FI and CO are the first modules to be rolled out, this will be followed by SAP HCM, including payroll and later towards the 4th quarter of 2020 SAP MM. The system foresees a number of standard and custom SAP FIORI in operations covering end to end processes as well as new approaches such as collaboration and workflow, Other ongoing works include a complex legacy data migration of the past 13 years of financial data. This required complex data analysis, preparation, processing and transformation as well as continuous involvement of the senior technical and user teams to assure accuracy.

Another important and complex project in works is implementation of multi company consolidated accounting platform for subsidiaries. This involves the setting up of the Finance Business consolidation module and BPC modules in S4HANA with integration to a portal supporting both web and mob access for workflow activities. The platform can cater for all types of accounting data and includes the complex transformation and consolidation of the financial reporting activities into the group financial reporting. DataTech assigned its most highly trained financial expert team.

Both the Supplier portal and the Multi company platform form part of DataTech’s ERPIS suite of cloud solutions for SAP ECC ERP and SAP S4HANA.

LPTIC selected DataTech for the purchase, consultancy and also hosting services knowing that DataTech has an impeccable history to delivery successful project on time and within budget. This project is considered a milestone of success for project management and collaboration and is proof that determination and professional dedication can thrive even is the most complex conditions.  We are very excited to see that our services have been appreciated as we look forward to more projects in the months to come.


GO LIVE 01/09/2020





Projects Completed


hrs of consultancy in 2020

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